Mentoring :

According to publications from the World Health Organization and the majority of scientific groups that study the relationship between disease and lifestyle habits, the most prevalent pathologies and health problems in the developed world of the 21st century, such as overweight; digestive problems (leaky gut); psychological (Parkinson's or insomnia); metabolic syndrome; or even cancer, are directly linked to habits and lifestyles.

A Diamond Life mentoring combats all the problems attached to incorrect living habits, analyzing the life context in which each person finds themselves and offering practical solutions through teaching, acquiring new habits, knowledge and techniques for well-being, with the aim that each person can autonomously direct their happy life.

For the last 15 years I have been studying and focusing my attention on the well-being of living beings. I am fascinated by understanding the stimuli that help them be strong, resistant and productive. My training and experience have led me to become a professional in physical and mental preparation, as well as an ecological farmer. A somewhat strange combination to listen to today, which has given me the keys to mastery to understand the reason for each life and how to take care of it so that it lasts over time.

In my mentoring services, I offer the application of this art and source of wisdom that will lead you to feel splendid, thanks to knowing how water behaves in your body and acquiring good life habits in four disciplines, mentalization, nutrition, exercise. and rest. With me you will come to give the importance that these 4 areas deserve in your life and you will come to master your goals, objectives and health purposes in your life.

The personal advice or mentoring service is a professional tool that I use to understand and solve people's problems through face-to-face expression and dialogue, teaching them to improve their lives in the particularities they need every day. Based on the understanding of each session and the moment in each person's life, objectives are set to develop a change towards a better life.

My mission is to bring out the best in each client who contacts me, achieving their initial objectives and increasing their well-being substantially, neutralizing their health problems.

My help can solve problems in the world of sports; of the physical and postural appearance; of organic health; of rest and stress; of mental direction; from the business world and family life; as well as any health problem that Western medicine does not truly solve.



- Benjamin Franklin

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn.”.

"True diamonds never shine on their own. There is a master craftsman who makes them shine with genuine identity" (Comins, 2024). 

Using this parallel, I developed the idea for A Diamond Life, the fruit of my experience with thousands of people in my personal and professional lives.

Those who know me well say that I have "people skills", that I am an artist with my hands, that I know how to transmit health and personal performance. Subjectively, the only thing I think is that I am good at bringing out the best in each person, because I know how to concentrate and care for them. In particular, I have a vocation for helping people who need to improve their lifestyle to achieve strong health.

If you decide to hire my services, I will stimulate and motivate you to move more and in the correct way, so that you eliminate toxins from your body and feel free and full of positive energy.

All your problems will be treated from the perspective of genetics, movement and physical exercise sciences, of which I am a competent professional and university graduate. I offer you a parallel resource to the other health sciences, without in any case, work intrusion occurring, obviously recommending competent professionals to solve problems that physical exercise, by itself, cannot solve. I simply address the health problem with the right solution and dose of exercise and rest in people's lives. Because today's problems and diseases (21st century diseases) have in common the lack or genetic disorder of physical appearance. For me, there is only one possibility to treat them to heal completely. Adequate dose of individual exercise, correct rest, optimal nutrition and adequate mentalization.

To discover the needs of each person, I carry out a first session, which includes a massage and/or a conversation to go into detail with the particularities of each client.

I am a mentor for your life, the ideal resource for constant motivation and the person who will change the way you understand yourself and improve your health.

I am the professional teacher who will help you play billiards in a unique way.

Coincidentally, life is full of diamonds.

And you, what do you want to be?